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Tourism in Santo Domingo

Tourism in Santo DomingoActivities and attractions in Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo has diverse and interesting areas for tourism, for both internal to external. As the primate city in America, has priceless ancient buildings.
Simply walking around the Colonial Zone, to realize the importance and beauty of these buildings. At night, this place becomes the delight of young and old, because it has a lot of bars and recreational areas.

Can also be found in the Colonial Zone various museums. Exhibited in these precious stones, items used by early settlers, complete houses displaying the lifestyle of high society characters of the past, among other things.


  • The Colonial Zone (cultural heritage of mankind)
  • Two museums of Amber
  • The Market Model
  • The Columbus Lighthouse
  • Alcazar Diego Columbus
  • The Aquarium
  • The Botanical Garden
  • El Parque Mirador Sur
  • Los Tres Ojos
  • The Parque del Este
  • Mirador Norte Park
  • Nightclubs underground (caves)
  • Cave Rock Art
  • Underground river caverns
  • The La Caleta Underwater National Park

Buildings and Monuments

The city of Santo Domingo de Guzman in truth be called a city under construction. Every day more buildings in the capital city of the Dominican Republic. Although their buildings are not the highest, interest altitude will see as a necessity in an overpopulated city like this, where it meets a large part of the total population across the country.

Some of the most emblematic buildings of the city skyline forming the Santo Domingo:

  • Malecón Center 1 to 31 floors 122.4 m• Malecon Center 2 to 31 floors 122.4 m
  • Malecón Center 3 to 31 floors 122.4 m
  • Acropolis Center-26 Floors 115 m

Some of the most recognizable landmarks are:

  • Obelisco Macho
  • Obelisco Hembra
  • Statue of Fray Anton de Montesinos
  • Plaza de la Bandera
  • Immigrant Square

Tourism in Santo Domingo Tourism in Santo Domingo Tourism in Santo Domingo

Museums and galleries

Alcazar de Colon

A former palace dating from the colonial era, the house of Don Diego Columbus and his wife, where we can see original objects at that time what transports us to the lifestyle and customs of those times, located on the plaza Spain (city colonial) with a great view to the first street that was founded in the New World, Calle Las Damas.

Museum of Naval Shipyards

Naval Museum which consists of three ships built by Diego Columbus in 1514 in the same we observe a large collection of archaeological objects relating to the world of sailing, such as pieces of wrecked ships and hundreds of years ago in these waters, located on Calle Colon in the colonial city.

Museo de las Casas Reales (Museum of the Royal Houses)

Its construction dates from the sixteenth century was built by order of the Spanish crown to house its main official institutions in America: The Royal Court and Accounts, and the Palace of the Governors and Captains-General. In the same are exposed the most representative of the activities of these bodies is located in Calle Las Damas, in the colonial city.

Duartiano Institute Museum

House of Patriot Juan Pablo Duarte, a museum displaying details pertaining to life and work of Duarte, in the same shows the different stages of life, the patrician, and representative elements of his life, work and loyalty their both political and social ideals.

National Museum of Natural History

Located in Culture Plaza, the elements show the characteristics of Dominican nature, fauna and flora, minerals and other native and endemic elements present in our natural life.

Museum of Dominican Man

Located in the Culture Plaza.It is a museum-rich pre-Hispanic elements as well as subsequent periods. In the same pieces on display as part of the culture of the Dominican man from his background, is responsible for telling the customs and ways of life characteristic of the island, in the periods pre-Columbian, Columbian and colonial.

Amber World Museum

Museum displaying one of the largest collections of amber in the region.

Modern Art Gallery

Created in 1976, is located in the Culture Plaza.

Since its inception has the most outstanding works of the precursors of the plastic Dominican from the National Independence in 1844 to those produced by contemporary artists. Today, it has the Visual Arts Heritage nation’s largest.

National Museum of History and Geography

The museum is located in the Plaza of Culture. It is responsible for exposing both Dominicans and foreign elements that form the history of the Dominican Republic since its inception as a free nation until today, as well as detailed geographical situation of the country.

Trampoline Museum

Children’s museum.

Tourism in Santo Domingo Tourism in Santo Domingo Tourism in Santo Domingo

Commercial areas

The trade is widely developed in this city, which have been established large commercial spaces. The number of weekly visits to one of these places is huge, allowing a great economic dynamism. We also find less formal areas of business, established at different sites, where they go to the poorest classes.
The major malls are located in large avenues, such as:

  • Avenida Winston Churchill, one of the most dynamic commercial zones.
  • Avenida Abraham Lincoln, full of shops and restaurants, mainly frequented by middle-upper classes.
  • Avenida 27 de Febrero, has several shops and squares, car dealers and car accessory shops.
  • Avenida Tiradentes, with malls, shops, bars and clubs, among others.
  • Independence Avenue, offers parking and shops of all kinds.
  • Avenue Sarasota, holding Bella Vista Mall shopping plaza, a plaza of the most complete and modern in the country and the Caribbean.
  • Avenida John F. Kennedy also has areas of great commercial prosperity, and from there is easy access to other avenues.
  • Avenida Duarte

Parks and Gardens

  • Mirador Norte Park
  • Park Enriquillo
  • Parque Mirador Sur
  • Parque Mirador Este
  • Independence Park
  • Columbus Park
  • Parque Metropolitano The Prairies
  • Playground The Canquiñas (within the Parque Mirador Sur)
  • El Malecon

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