High-tech to protect tourists in Colonial Zone

Francisco Javier GarciaAs announced by tourism minister Francisco Javier Garcia

Tourism minister Francisco Javier Garcia on Sunday said high-tech security will be installed to protect tourists and visitors to Santo Domingo’s Colonial and seaside boulevard El Malecon.

He said the historic city will become the safest of its type in Latin America, noting that Dominican Republic is one of the countries where tourists have the least negative impact from crime.

He said the government aims to make the Tourism Police Latin America’s model. For this reason this renovation program includes a security technology program that involves the placement of a large number of security cameras scattered in the Colonial and expanded to the Malecon, which will make the Colonial City, not just the most beautiful colonial city, which it is, but also Latin America’s safest colonial area.

He said the visitors and major tourist agencies themselves acknowledge the climate of safety and low crime rate in tourism regions.

Garcia added that the monitoring will be complemented with training and modernization of the Tourism Police « to make this a model security agency both domestically and internationally, adding that by electronic eyes will protect and guard the Colonial Zone.

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