II International Festival of Poetry Santo Domingo 2009

InkMore than 30 poets from 22 countries will participate at the event

BREAKING NEWS : The International Festival of Poetry Santo Domingo 2009 will be held in the Dominican capital from the 21st until the 25th of October this year, with support from the State Ministry of Culture under the title Palabras del Tiempo (Words of the time).

Poets from Europe, the United States and Latin America will participate in a series of day starting October 21st, National Day of the Poet and date of the commemoration of the birth of the Dominican poet Salomé Ureña de Henríquez.

The announcement was made by the Minister of State for Culture, José Rafael Lantigua, as a part of a cocktail of different personalities of literature and culture in the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Fine Arts.

Mr. Lantigua said that this second edition of the International Poetry Festival 2009 Santo Domingo will be designed to pay tribute to national and internationally the work of Dominican poet Domingo Moreno Jimenes (1894-1986), as well as fostering the encounter of poetry and the public and promote the importance of reading and writing education in the country.

The list is composed by: Ana Rossetti (Mexico), Eduardo and Mario Langagne Bojórquez (Chile), Jaime Quezada (Argentina). Boccanera Jorge (Nicaragua), Francisco de Asis (Venezuela), Rafael Cadenas, Yolanda Pantin y María Auxiliadora Álvarez (Uruguay), Eduardo Espina y Alfredo Fressia (Colombia), Alvaro Enrique Verástegui y Miranda (Peru), Thiago de Melo, Horacio Costa y Claudio Daniel (Brazil), Iván Silén y Pedro López Adorno (Puerto Rico), Roberto Sosa (Honduras), Frankétienne, Evelyne Trouillot there Bonel Auguste (Haiti), Octavio Armand, José y Víctor Fowler Kozer (Cuba); Ana Istarú ( Costa Rica), Ana María Rodas (Guatemala), Eduardo Miter (Bolivia); Otoniel Guevara (El Salvador); Edwin Madrid (Ecuador); Monchoachi (Martinique), y Danilo Manera (Italy).

From Dominican Republic, the poets Néstor Rodríguez, Eugenio García Cuevas, Yrene Santos and César Sánchez Beras will attend the event.

The event will consist of reading poetry in public spaces such as the Colón Park in Colonial Zone, in nursing school as the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD) in the Infantile Library of the the First Lady Office, in public and private capital educational centers, in the Centro Cultural Narciso González and the Metro stations in Santo Domingo, among others.

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Barbados and the Dominican Republic wishing to strengthen bilateral relations

Carlos Morales TroncosoIn view of a bilateral agreement

BREAKING NEWS : The Ministers Foreign Affairs of Barbados and the Dominican Republic, Senator Maxine McClean and Carlos Morales Troncoso, will soon sign a bilateral cooperation agreement and create a joint committee to forward the file which aims to strengthen relations between the two countries.

Los an official meeting, the ministers of the Dominican Republic and Barbados have discussed the priority issues of mutual interest, such as culture, education, trade and investment.

Morales Troncoso and McClean highlighted the cordial and friendly nature of diplomatic relations between the two nations was officially established in 1972.

They also expressed satisfaction with the close cooperation that both countries share in forums like the Group of African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP), the CARIFORO and the Association of Caribbean States (ACS).

The two ministers also referred to the importance of the Economic Association Agreement (AAE) recently awarded with Europe, the most recent example of the possibilities of working in coordination with the Caribbean countries.

Mr Troncoso and Mrs McClean  should meet again soon to assess the progress made by both countries to sign the bilateral agreement.

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A new Tourist Information Centre will be installed

Franciso García Nicolás de Jesús López RodríguezNear to the Palace Herrera-Borgella in the Colonial Zone

BREAKING NEWS : The Archbishop of Santo Domingo was ceded a significant portion of the Palace Herrera-Borgella Ministry of Tourism, to install a modern Tourist Information Centre will aim to assist international visitors to the Dominican capital, including Colonial Zone.

At a meeting between the Minister of Tourism Francisco Javier Garcia and His Eminence Cardinal Nicolás de Jesús López Rodríguez, the two men agreed to create the Tourist Information Centre in this part of town.

The Centre will be available to the public from the first semester of next year, during the activities developed in the context of the event Santo Domingo American Capital of Culture 2010.

They also discussed the Religious Tourism, of all that it represented, and the immediate possibility of incorporating a path of religious monuments in the national tourism, the country with over 500 years of colonial history.

During the meeting, His Eminence Cardinal López Rodríguez has been very involved in tourism in Dominican Republic, including the decision allowing the Sector install a Tourist Information Centre in the important area of Colonial St. Domingo.

García Fernández informed that the Centre will have an infrastructure suited to the demands of tourists who visit the Colonial Zone. They will be assisted by a highly qualified more than two dominant languages in addition to Spanish.

We want tourists who visit the Colonial Zone, including the use of cruise ships, feels comfortable, well received, with the highest standard of information and documentation, and services technologically advanced he said.

García Fernández recalled that the Colonial Zone had a great potential for tourism and culture, popular with international visitors who arrive in the country, for being the first city in the new world.

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Representatives of the National Council for the Dominican Communities Abroad to sign agreement

Alejandro SantosWith the authorities in Madrid, Spain

BREAKING NEWS : Madrid.- Representatives of the National Council for the Dominican community outside (CONDEX) signed an agreement with the Department of Immigration in Madrid, which goal is to bring more knowledge to Dominican residents in Spain.

The Department of State and Vice-President of CONDEX, Alejandro Santos, signed the cooperation agreement with the Director of Immigration Department in Madrid, Javier Fernández Lasquetty.

Santosexplained that the agreement will implement initiatives to promote positive integration of the Dominican community living in Spain, through a training program in the School of Professional Immigration and Cooperation (EPIC).

He recalled that President Fernandez was created for the first time an element of rallying Standing Dominicans living abroad with the Dominican State, through advisory boards and CONDEX.

Santos added that the vast majority of Dominicans living in Europe working and studying, especially in Spain.

For his part, Mr Lasquetty described as positive the agreement signed, and assured that it would continue to develop actions that will contribute to the integration of the Dominican community in the Spanish capital.

He said the Dominican residents in Spain are a worker community, and announced he would travel to Dominican Republic at the end of November.

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The Conde Street becomes a living art gallery

Colored paintingContacto Arte, Artistas en Acción

BREAKING NEWS : Santo Domingo.- From Saturday October 3rd and every weekend, thirty Dominican painters will go to the Conde Street in Santo Domingo. They will paint in the presence of the public, exposing their art and their talent at the occasion of the program Contacto Arte, Aristas en Acción.

This new concept developed by the Dominican College of Fine Arts (CODAP) and the Ministry of Tourism (Sectur). Every Saturday and Sunday morning from 09.00am, a group of artists create and exhibit their works to delight passers-by.

The President of CODAP, Antonio Guadalupe, said that this activity was to show the true face of the Dominican art, and create a space where the Dominican family and the general public can be healthy recreation, while in direct contact with the artist.

The event will take place on Calle Conde, from the street Eugenio María de Hostos to the Cartographic Institute. In addition to painting, the public can enjoy dance and poetry.

Tati Olmos, Assistant Secretary of Cultural Tourism, said the project was also developed as part of preparations for the event Santo Domingo American Capital of Culture 2010.

We support visual artists because we are convinced that this is a way of presenting the Dominican art to visitors, this will be true Dominican and quality works, she added

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President Fernández has received credentials of ambassadors from six countries

Leonel FernándezRepresentatives of the Netherlands, Brazil, the European Community, South Africa, Russia and the Palestinian Authority

BREAKING NEWS : President Leonel Fernández received on Tuesday the credentials of six ambassadors appointed by the Dominican Government, representing the Netherlands, Brazil, European Community, South Africa, Russia and the Palestinian Authority.

Leonel Fernández was accompanied by Vice President Rafael Alburquerque, the Minister of External Relations, Carlos Morales Troncoso, the Deputy Secretary of Foreign Relations, José Manuel Trullols. Also present wereRoberto Blandino, in charge of Protocol of the National Palace.

The ceremony began at 11:40 am and ended at 13:35 pm in the Hall of Ambassadors of the National Palace.

It is the Ambassador of the Netherlands, Rita Dulci Rahman, who was received at first, followed by the Ambassador of the Republic of Brazil, Joao Da Cunha Caneiro Solano.

Then arrived the Director of the Delegation of the European Comission, María Irene Horejs, the Ambassador of South Africa, Phatse Justice Pitso, Ambassador of the Russian Federation, Vladimir F. Zaemsky, and the Palestinian Authority, Riyad H. Mansour.

The Head of State discussed a moment with each of the ambassadors in order to better understand their professional and academic careers.

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Meeting Biotecnología en los Nuevos Escenarios Mundiales

Flower Dominican RepublicInstitutions seek to strengthen the biotechnology and biosafety in the country

BREAKING NEWS :  The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the Institute of Biotechnology Innovation and Industry (IIBI), the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARENA) and the Center for Development Agriculture and Forestry (CEDAF), conducted the meeting this Wednesday Biotecnología en los Nuevos Escenarios Mundiales (Biotechnology on the World Stage).

This meeting took place at the occasion of the Project of Strengthening of Capacities in Biotechnology and Biosafety Research, which aims to provide the country with scientific and communicative skills necessary to tackle climate change and world food problems, between others.

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The cruise ship season begins on the ports of Santo Domingo

Colonial ZoneThe Directorate General of Tourist Police is preparing

BREAKING NEWS : The Directorate General of the Tourist Police in cooperation with the National Police has established a special operations security at the occasion of the arrival of the first tourist cruise boat El Caribe, and the beginning of the season on ports Santo Domingo and Sans Souci.

General Henry Gómez Bueno, director of Politur, informed that the operation was aimed at ensuring the safety of visitors who entered the country and was part of the zero crime plan.

He explained that the members of the institution were formed to guarantee the smooth running of sightseeing in the Colonial Zone and other areas of the city.

The General said that 150 officers with vehicles were scattered in all the area, and announced the establishment of pedestrian in patrolling to prevent crime and ensure safety of tourists who visit us.

Gómez explained that last year at this time, 500 000 visitors had visited the country on board cruise ships docked at ports with Don Diego and Santo Domingo.

He added that with the new tourist port of San Souci, the amount of cruise ships should increase.

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, 13.10.09

The Ministry of Education celebrates the Day of the Race

Typical Dance Santo DomingoStudents march from Altar de la Patria to Colon Park

BREAKING NEWS : The Ministry of Education yesterday celebrated the Day of the Race (Columbus Day) along with dozens of students from various educational centres during a march from the Altar de la Patria until Colón Park.

The parade was led by Luis de Leon, Under Secretary of Education, in charge of Culture and Cults Affairs, as well as representatives of different schools and colleges participating in the activity.

Luis de Leon said that the institution he represented warned people against drugs, which threatens the security, democracy and social peace in the Dominican Republic.

He explained that the family, school and community were affected by the presence of the drug traffic, and the whole society should protect children and youth from this evil.

Throughout the course, the activity was accompanied by the music band of the national police.

On 12 October every year, Hispanics celebrate the Day of the Race (Día de la Raza or Columbus Day), to commemorate the discovery of theAmerican Continent.

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The Dominican Republic will participate in Expo Shanghai 2009

Cap Cana Dominican RepublicMejor Ciudad, Mejor Vida

BREAKING NEWS : The Dominican Republic will attend the Shanghai World Fair 2010, which has the slogan Mejor Ciudad, Mejor Vida (Better City, Better Life), which runs from 1st May to the 31st of October, 2010.

It is the Executive Director of the Center for Export and Investment of the Dominican Republic (CEI-RD) Eddy Martínez Manzueta, who made the announcement.

Mr. Martinez said that the Dominican Republic will benefit from this important event to promote its major sectors, including tourism, goods and services produced, or drinks and local crafts.

President Leonel Fernández has expressed his desire to strengthen trade and economic relations with China, so we believe that this event is a unique opportunity to better understand the market and let us know in this part of world, which has, undoubtedly, the greatest growth worldwide.

Mr Martínez Manzueta informed that the representation of the Dominican Republic will be part of the pavilion of South America and Central America, with the slogan Unidad en la Diversidad (Unity in Diversity).

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Plan to reorganize traffic

Traffic Santo DomingoAn educational campaign regarding the respect of traffic regulations will be implemented

BREAKING NEWS : In order to improve traffic in the capital and major cities of the country, a group of entities has established an extensive educational campaign designed to guide citizens to respect the highway code.

This is a pilot plan of civic education for the Improvement of Traffic extending over a period of three months, with a first phase focusing on the center of the capital.

This plan is developed by the National Council for State Reform (CONARE), the National District City Council, the Metropolitan Transport Authority (AMET), the National District Attorney’s, the Technical Office of Traffic of the Ministry of Public Works and the Office for the Reorganization of Transport (Opret).

The announcement was made by Marcos Villamañez, CONARE director, who said we are making an effort to use communication mechanisms that can lead to an awareness of the citizens to improve traffic in the city.

He explained that this plan will aim to educate the public by issuing messages of awareness on posters, bulletin boards, stickers, flyers.
Each of the institutions involved in this plan will provide something specific, said Villamañez.
We all want to improve circulation in the Dominican Republic to have a population more aware, and thus fewer accidents.

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The Corporation of the Aqueduct and Sewer of Santo Domingo plant pines and mahogany

Mountaine Domininican RepublicAs a part of activities of the Reforestation Month

BREAKING NEWS : As a part of the activities for theReforestation Month, officials and employees of the Corporation of the Aqueduct and Sewer of Santo Domingo conducted a day of reforestation on the Hill Nandita, in Villa Altagracia.

On the Hill Nandita in the basin of Haina river and Isabela, representatives of the CAASD, in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, has planted more than 500 seedlings of pine and mahogany, to increase river flows and contribute to reducing climate change.

Throughout the year, but especially in October, the Month of Reforestation , the Ministry of Environment organizes this type of operation in several areas of the country.
This reforestation of Hill Nandita, organized by the Deputy Director of the Environment CAASD Rafael Tamayo, took place in a very friendly atmosphere.

In addition to contributing to the production of water from rivers in the country, employees were able to share some time with the director and other representatives of the Dominican Agrarian Institute (IAD).

Reforestation Month seeks to attract the attention of citizens on the importance of preserving the environment and natural resources to reduce the risks of climate change.
The Ministry of Environment is also seeking to increase the country’s forest cover.

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The Banjar Group Selects Absolut Gest

Golf Dominican RepublicTo manage its expansion in the Caribbean

BREAKING NEWS : The Banjar Group, the Spanish company specializing in the franchise, has selected the firm Absolut Gest, who has offices in the Dominican Republic and Spain, so that it manages its expansion in the Caribbean.

The Banjar Group has ten different brands ranging from the Hotel and Catering to Furniture and Decoration, including well-being, fashion and design, always with the aim of providing society the highest quality standards, while respecting tradition, popular arts and Balinese culture.

Wayangcenter, a unique experience for Spas, is the offer which was selected for the investors, selected by Absolut Gest, to open the first franchise of the group across the Atlantic, joining a group of offices also present in Lisbon, Oporto, London, Madrid, Barcelona and ten other cities of Spain.

The Banjar Group has head offices in Madrid and Panama.

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The Tourism Ministry will use fashion to promote the country

Fasion Santo Domingo30 international journalists will cover the event Dominicana Moda 2009

BREAKING NEWS : Santo Domingo.- In order to promote the country through fashion, the State Ministry of Tourism (Sectur), is inviting 30 international journalists, from the most prestigious media in Europe and America, to cover the fashion show of the famous Designer Carolina Herrera, on the occasion of the event Dominicana Moda 2009, which will be held from October 19th to the 24th in the facilities of the Hotel El Embajador in Santo Domingo.

This initiative is part of the strategies developed by Sectur to promote the Dominican capital as a city with many attractions for international tourism.

The fashion designer Carolina Herrera will unveil its new creations on Saturday, October 24, to the benefit of the programs prevention for breast cancer developed by the Office of the First Lady, Margarita Cedeño de Fernández.

As part of this project, the magazine Spanish Marie Claire devoted a great story about the country’s natural beauties, and will carry a photo session on the Dominican coast.

Among the international media who will be in the country, there are Glamour Magazine, Elle Magazine, The Washington Post, Stile.comNew Cork Post, Revista Caras, Diario Clarín, Fashion TV Internacional, Collections TV of Fox Chanel, Diario El Mercurio, Revista Caras de Editorial Televisa, Revista Zoomer, el Nacional Post, The television chanel Uní visión, el Miami Herald, and the Magazine Vanidades.

And also, Vogue Magazine, Diario El Comercio, Sin Flash Magazine, El Universal Newspaper, Magazine Yo Dona, Marie Claire Magazine and America.

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The Port of Sans Souci will receive 3.750 passengers

Tourist PortDuring the cruise season 2009-2010

BREAKING NEWS : Santo Domingo is the main port through which, during the cruise season 2009-2010, embark and disembark 3750 passengers.

It’s Luis Molina, Director ofTourism InvestmentSans Souci, who made the statement to mark the maiden voyage of M / V Pacific Dream of the cruise line Pullmantur, which left the port of Santo Domingo. On board were the main representatives of the Sans Souci Ports, and the Dominican tourism industry, to celebrate what is an important milestone for the development of tourism in the Dominican Republic.

Once again, the tourism in the Dominican Republic, including the capital one, is one step closer to achieving its goal, which is to convert Santo Domingo in the favourite destination in Tourism cruise ships in the Caribbean, said Luis Molina aboard the Pacific Dream.

During this trip, Pacific Dream formalized the beginning of the use of Port Santo Domingo as a main port of season cruise 2009-2010.

The Pacific Dream, which belongs to the the Spanish company Pullmantur can accommodate up to 1875 passengers, will depart from the Port of Santo Domingo on Saturdays until March 2010 to realize a circuit which will pass by St. Lucia, St. Martin, and various Caribbean islands.

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The European Union gives 500 million pesos to the Dominican Republic

Dominican SchoolchildsFor education

BREAKING NEWS : The Delegation of the European Union in the country, announced Wednesday the disbursement of 9.45 million Euros, more than 500 million pesos, for the education sector in the country.

The announcement was made by the new Ambassador of the European Commission in the Dominican Republic, Irene Horejs, who was accompanied by the Director of theDirectorate General of Multilateral Cooperation (DIGECOOM) Domingo Jiménez, and the Minister of Education, Melanio Paredes.

Horejs explained that the payment reflected the commitment of the European Union to support the national strategy for social development and the belief that education is the focus of sustainable development.

She also explained that another proposal to allocate 30 million Euros extra was being studied, which would mean a total of 100 million Euros donated by the European Commission this year.

Melanio Paredes for his part said that the disbursement of more than 9 million Euros on Wednesday, was the third instalment made by the agencies in Brussels, to help improve the education system.

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Francisco Javier Garcia meets with tourism representatives

Colonial Zone Santo DomingoDominican tourism growth

BREAKING NEWS : Santo Domingo. - The Minister of Tourism Francisco Javier Garcia, met with the key representatives of the associations of tour operators and travel agencies in the tourism sector. Together, they analysed the strategies that they would put in place to attract more tourists to the Dominican Republic.

This meeting, described as historic, lasted over four hours and was attended by the representatives of the Dominican Association of Travel Agents (Adavi), the Dominican Association of Tourism Operators (Adotur), Dominican Agency of Congress and Conventions (CODA), the Dominican Association of Punta Cana Tour Operators (Asotur).

The reunion enabled the representatives and the authorities of tourism to review the actions developed by the public and the private sector, for the benefits of the local and international growth level of the Dominican tourism.

A review has also been erected on the legal framework that exists in the field of regulation of travel agents, tour operators, tour agencies, guides, carriers, and participants agreed to work to update existing standards.

Also present were, Magaly Toribio, Deputy Minister of Tourism for International Promotion, and Maribel Villalona Director of Department of Project Planning (DPP).

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The fourth edition of Caminantes por la Vida was quite a success

Caminantes por la VidaOver 40 000 persons marched against cancer

BREAKING NEWS : Santo Domingo. - With the support of more than 40 000 people that was held the fourth annual Caminantes por la vida (Walkers for Life), an activity organized to support all those who have cancer.

A multitude of people from around the country and all social classes were given appointments at the National Botanic Garden Doctor Rafael M. Moscoso, to walk five kilometres on foot.

This action has become a tradition to raise funds for various institutions dealing with cancer patients.

The activity was supervised by the National Police, the Dominican Red Cross and the State Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare.

The funds raised are intended to institutions such as the Oncology Hospital Heriberto Pieter, the Dominican League against Cancer, the Foundation de la Place Health
and Volunteering Jesús con los Niños de Santiago, among others.

The group’s president Mercasid Jose Miguel Bonetti, said that the participation of thousands of people at the march was very positive and showed support for Dominicans to this initiative.

Before the march, several events have been organized to encourage Dominicans to integrate this important event, which makes us aware of the threat of cancer.

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Leonel Fernández expects that 2010 will be a positive year for the Dominican Republic

Smile Dominican WomanThe crisis begins to pass in the country

BREAKING NEWS : DUVERGE, Independencia.- President Leonel Fernández said to expect that 2010 will be a positive year for the Dominican Republic, because the global crisis that affects the world, begins to yield.

The President said that the worst of the crisis for the country began to pass and explained that the agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will facilitate disbursements to enable the Government to face the situation.

Leonel Fernández has made these statements at the close of the Sixth People’s Dialogue in the Independencia province.

Mr Fernández said that the government would not be able to collect all the resources originally intended, because the economy had declined.

He recalled that this year, the Dominican Republic will be part of the four major countries of Latin America with the highest economic growth.

The President of the Dominican Republic has assured that by December the government will receive 900 million dollars through the IMF agreement, which will be used to build different structures.

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The Dominican Government signed a Memorandum of Agreement with China

Memorandum Agreement China Dominican RepublicOn a variety of programs

BREAKING NEWS : The governments of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the Dominican Republic, signed Tuesday a Memorandum of Agreement concerning the distribution of assistance from this nation to the Dominican government for the period 2009-2012.

The signing of this memorandum which involves the distribution of one hundred million of dollars, half of which is non-refundable, has been signed by the Ambassador of theRepublic of China (Taiwan) Isaac Tsai, Juan Temístocles Montas, Minister of Economy Planning and Development, and Alejandra Liriano, representing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mr. Montás was grateful of the gesture of the Chinese Government, and said that this country developed a variety of projects that contribute to the development of the nation.

He said the government thanked the infinitely selfless cooperation, and praised his administration for the transformation of China.

On the other hand, Mr Montás explained that the institutions will benefit from these funds that is the Office of the First Lady, the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Women, National Office of Statistics, the Center for Export and Investment of the Dominican Republic and the Directorate General of Frontier Development.

For his part the Ambassador of Taiwan, Isaac Tsai said that Presidents of both nations were shown a vision and shared the same values of democracy, freedom, peace and progress.

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The Asturian Government is working with the programs of the First Lady Office

Margarita Cedeno Vicente ArecesCultural exchanges and donations of books

BREAKING NEWS : The President of the Principality of Asturia, Vicente Álvarez Areces, met the First Lady of Dominican Republic, Margarita Cedeño de Fernández, and both talked about programs developed by the Office of the First Lady, as well as cooperation in the Asturian Government concerning cultural exchanges and donations of books for the library network of this entity.

During the meeting, which lasted an hour, Álvarez Areces said he would support the DPD on all matters concerning children and it will provide instructional materials for safe use of the Internet.

Approximately 130 000 families who are part of the program Progresando will enjoy the distribution of this material, as well as users who visit the Community Technology Centres distributed all over the country.

The President of the Principality of Asturia and the Dominican First Lady shared their experiences regarding the promotion of reading.

Both have also participated in a press conference during which Ms. De Fernández provided explanations on the programs she is developing, especially concerning the Community Technology Centres and the Program of Employment Opportunities Trough Technology in the Americas (POETA).

The wife of the Dominican President stressed the importance of the Asturian community in the Dominican Republic in the commercial sector, and invited the President of Asturia to visit the country soon.

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