The jewels of Petite Lily

Greedy creations

It’s better to have the belly filled before discovering the jewels of Petite Lily, or you may to run to the cake shop in order to appease the greediness that they inspire.

Petite Lily  Petite Lily  Petite Lily  Petite Lily

These are awesome jewels that Petite Lily proposes to us, since they are reproductions of sweets of all kinds: Macaroons, cookies, liquorice, chocolate, doughnuts, pieces of cake, pies and candies, every as nice as true ones !

Petite Lily  Petite Lily  Petite Lily  Petite Lily

Declined in earrings, bracelets, rings and pendants, these jewels do so much resemble that the pictures make mouth water…

By Lucie H