Ice Watch

The colored time

Forget conventional watches, the look certainly very stylish but a little too serious for those who prefer the originality and freshness.
The Belgian brand Ice Watch invites you to rediscover the watch as indispensable fashion accessory, with its colorful and pop creations, ultra contemporary.

Ice Watch Ice Watch Ice Watch

And there’s something for everyone:

Lines Sili and fluorescent neon, for a total look flash, the Classic line, with transparent and consistent band pop, Flower collection, with his wrist with colored reliefs, Ocean for more square shapes, and more.

Ice Watch Ice Watch Ice Watch

The range of colors is ranging from green to purple, from lemon, orange, blue, red and pink.

Ice Watch Ice Watch Ice Watch

Overflowing with good humor, Ice Watches can accompany you for all types of occasion, day or night… to give your shoes spring or your pretty summer dress with vibrant colors.

For those who succumb to the form of Ice Watches but prefer to remain more wise, beautiful models black and white ivories are however proposed.

By Lucie H


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This collection will be available in the Jewelry Terrenas en Plata from beginning of November, 2009…