The benefits of the siesta

The benefits of the siestaThe siesta : A very beneficial everyday rest

Today we will talk about the benefits of the nap.
Not for the children of the elderly persons that you know, but for you.

What is the siesta ?

The word siesta comes from the Latin Sixta that means the sixth hour of the day and that refers to the midday for the Romans.

This is why we designate with the word siesta the rest that follows the lunch that can come with a sleeping phase or not.

The benefits of the siestaWe know that the nap is practiced from the antiquity.

The siesta, an innate need

Who never felt a reduction of the vitality an urge to sleep after lunch ?

This slump is often allocated to the food digestion, however, studies show that a subject that did not eat anything at noon felt tired too.
That is why this request of resting from our body could be inscribed in our genes, and be very serious.

The benefits of the siesta

The advantages of the siesta are so numerous that many businessmen and businesswomen do it, and some enterprises encourage their employees to have a nap.
The benefits of the siestaIn fact, this daily resting enables us to recover strength, evacuate the stress, balance the nervous system and increase the concentration.

The memory is improved too, and practiced everyday, the siesta helps to reduce the needs of hours of sleeping during the night: a great advantage for those that have a full life.

Without forgetting that the siesta is a privileged moment during which the body can be totally relaxed and that enables to avoid muscular tensions.

How to take a nap ?

Concerning the time, it depends of the obligations of the person.

The benefits of the siestaA few short naps can be applied or only one siesta of few minutes. It can last 3, 5, 10, 15 minutes too, it does not matter, because even if there’s no sleeping, the relaxation is beneficial.

However the siesta can’t be too long, because over 30 minutes it can cause insomnia during the night.

In what concerns the position, the best way is to lie down of course, but the seated position doesn’t impede to take a nap, at the condition you are well installed.

By Lucie H